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Originally posted by jimbaker
It has be stated as fact the Moore Sensei has had his rank stripped. Is this so? I know of only one instance of someone having to return his rank certificates and that was for child molestation and the request was from a group associated with Hombu, not Hombu itself. As I recall, Toyoda Sensei was not associated with Hombu for a number of years, but he seemed to have retained his rank.
As I understand it Toyoda re-affiliated with hombu as an independent organization (along the lines of ASU) some years ago.

The larger question to me is what will happen with the other large Aikido groups as the leadership changes from the Japanese shihans. Will what is happening with the AAA be taken as a warning to them to make some sort of arrangements for the handing down of authority?
It's already happened in places like Hawaii (although there never really was a Japanese shihan there). I think what eventually happens is that you end up with a lot of smaller groups independently affiliated. There are some benefits to a large organization if you have one high ranking individual and many low ranking ones, but what happens when you have (for example) 10 sixth dans each with their own dojo in a single group? There's very little benefit to staying in a single organization then.