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Re: Principles of Aiki

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
A good case to prove my point was Janet's post here. I think it was clear that she had trouble "hearing" some things that have been said here over and over. Maybe from disgust, disinterest, what have you. She needed to hear it in a form that would be palatable or maybe just from someone she was willing or interested in hearing…from!Dan
Hi, Dan

I have no disagreement w/ anything you, Mike, etc have ever posted about internal/aiki stuff. But because - as you've said since the days Cady brought you onto aikido-L - its impossible to describe this stuff in words or images, it has to be felt, I've tended to skim over or skip many of the discussion threads involving more dogmatic aikido folks arguing with you over the years.

George posted something very specific involving ahe triggering of a muscle group. Since I know this movement/trigger, it is something I know I can replicate correctly on my own.

So nope, no disgust and certainly not disinterest. Just being realistic about what I can integrate into my own practice up here in the rural left coast.

Janet Rosen
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