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Re: Principles of Aiki

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Getting the "mountain to come to Muhammad" so to speak is an achievement of some magnitude. Although I must say I do enjpy virtually all the places I travel and being a guest. But if I could get away with it I'd do more at home... it's a lot less tiring.
- George
Hello George
Don’t know about it being so dramatic.
I like Meik Skoss’s idea that we are “All bums on the budo bus.” None of us invented this stuff, so none of us is any big deal, or big shot. I Can't quite capture that without Meik's personal method of delivery.
I’m not totally opposed to traveling to share, Just not in "tours" that waste my time with dog and pony shows for budo tourists who will check-off their “Internal power / aiki” card by attending a couple of weekend seminars and thinking they got it and then just going back to what they were doing. I’m not interested investing my time with someone I’ll never see again either.
Because this training takes dedicated time outside of the arts kata, it requires -by default- commitment and correction outside the normal venues. As I noted earlier a good bit of the frustration written about in these pages- and expressed to me personally- was lack of teachers and the lack of approved time back home to practice. Further people in the art having access to those that they themselves do not “perceive’ as being adversarial so they will listen when they speak.
A good case to prove my point was Janet’s post here. I think it was clear that she had trouble “hearing” some things that have been said here over and over. Maybe from disgust, disinterest, what have you. She needed to hear it in a form that would be palatable or maybe just from someone she was willing or interested in hearing…from! In direct terms, those offering the information may be too controversial, some to confrontational, or others to uninteresting for people to hear. Make sense? So, if my words and intentions were to be sincere and transparent, then my concerns to help should truly be beyond concerns for self or means to transmit. So…find a way to get the information into the hands of those who can not only be heard but who can affect a broader outcome. So, I am actually hoping for a model that better supports the directional shift many are discussing.. Trying to figure out just who to do that with might be problematic.
Interestingly enough the type of teachers who remain open enough to reach out and bring in and get a feel for so many different outside teachers are, on the other hand confused enough to never stick with one thing. I have heard people like this tell their own students how they are learning this or that to incorporate into their art to make their stuff the best, “So train here!!” I think they are actually mistaken in many ways. I’m more interested in out of the way, single minded dogged and deliberate people who really don’t care much what the other kids are playing.
Students will have a tough time in doing that. The only way to do it is to affect teachers. What I am attempting will solve the problem of not being able to a) practice in your own dojo and b) having a somewhat approved directional method for re-integrating this into each styles aikido. c) having someone who can help along the way.
That way you not affect those who are searching for it, you affect those who never, EVER heard of it, but their teacher demands it. In two styles I am currently affecting the teachers have made it known that this type of training is going to be mandatory for advancement in the art of aikido under them.
What better and more efficient way to actually DO what we all have been talking about?
So, I fully intend to find a means and method to do this with the right people. While I will never go "n tour" I am not entirely opposed to going to them after we have built a working relationship and progress is being made.
Should be an interesting few years

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