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Re: How Should We Conduct a Black Belt Presentation?

I received my shodan in a victoria secrets bag in front of the whole dojo. (I tried to take the joke in stride)

I paid for my own hakama as well so it may be different from dojo to dojo......Anyway

Make the most of someone making their shodan, I was the first shodan from ikkyu to shodan in my dojo, and well I felt like I didnt get the joke with the bag.
But also realize that the ceremony itself is just the beginning, that a new shodan may not know that what roles and responsibilities that may be incurred...that is based on the dojo as well. Small dojos may have larger demands than larger dojos.

7+ years of practice is nothing but hard work, and its a right of passage. Its an accomplishment for the student, the dojo, and organization as well. Make the student feel like he/she accomplished the goal, and not feel like its and everyday occurrence....because it isnt.

BTW, students will react differently when they get their shodan. Some will be relieved that the hard training will be over for a while, and they may sporadically practice, some will get a big head and some will just continue normally, some will trip over hakama for a while...

In any case shodan is a big step, and it will take some time for that person to 'feel' his/her way thru it....but most importantly celebrate! How often do people get a chance to do something like this?
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