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Re: Tips for kids class

I think you can do aikido and make it fun. A few games for the youngest aren't so bad, provided you do something that will help them progress in their training. Jumping around just for fun isn't furthering their training though. We used to have some of our younger kids do rolls through hula hoops placed vertically on the mat and if they were able to roll well, then we had them roll over an object or through a raised hula hoop. They really seemed to enjoy that.

I have never seen this done, but someone once told me of a game called tails. You stick a rag or something in the back of the kids belts and they have to try to get behind the person to grab the rag. Both kids are moving around and trying to grab each others. It helps them work on trying to get to the back where you can work on several different techniques. You could also have all the students do this if you want a bit more chaos and to make them more aware of their surroundings. Like I said though, I haven't seen or tried this. Just read about it from someone else.
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