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Hombu Dojo regulations say that the power to issue ranks resides in the recognized organization and not in any one person. If a person authorized to issue rank leaves that organization, they lose that authorization, that is, Hombu will not recognize the new groups ranks.

They can, however, apply for Hombu recognition on their own, so long as they meet the requirements. There's nothing to say that the Shinjinkai can't apply to Hombu in five years.

It has be stated as fact the Moore Sensei has had his rank stripped. Is this so? I know of only one instance of someone having to return his rank certificates and that was for child molestation and the request was from a group associated with Hombu, not Hombu itself. As I recall, Toyoda Sensei was not associated with Hombu for a number of years, but he seemed to have retained his rank.

The larger question to me is what will happen with the other large Aikido groups as the leadership changes from the Japanese shihans. Will what is happening with the AAA be taken as a warning to them to make some sort of arrangements for the handing down of authority?

Jim Baker