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Re: Principles of Aiki

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George, I have been working on this the past week or so. It has added some new discombobulation but I swear I'm moving partners around without the usual arm muscles firing. It could just be self-hypnosis but I'll stick with it for awhile longer and see what I get out of it!

One thing I hope you can clarify: are you saying that you should keep your tailbone tucked, and your shoulder blades slid together, the whole time you move around the mat? Is this a static postural thing? Or is the sliding of the shoulder blades, and tucking of the tailbone, dimensions of movement that I need to learn? I.e. is it the SLIDING of the shoulder blades, and the TUCKING of the tailbone, that effects the one-body and floating of partner's center, or is it the SLID shoulder blades and TUCKED tailbone.

Anyway, this concept seems to blend nicely with what some of the Shobukan instructors took away from Gleason Sensei's recent seminar in MD, which was about opening the chest and seperating turning of the hips from the turning of the waist.

Cliff from DC

P.S. to Mr. Harden: when are you going to go on tour?
Never. Not interested.
I'm having too much fun here at home with family, and new Budo friends coming here. I am content to help you through Bill.
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