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Marc Abrams
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Re: Cycles in training

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I have been training for app. five years, am a 1st kyu.
I find that my training and my feelings about my aikido tends to go around in grand sweeping cycles. In other words, there is "progression" -- deeper understanding, feeling -- over time, but I have some pretty severe downturns in between.
I feel like I am at the bottom of one right now. At least I hope it doesn't get much worse than this! Nothing works, I can't feel it, I am so absolutely not tuned in and feel like I am on the "outside" of everything, of all the techniques. I continue to train since I know that some day this will all turn around and I want to be there for it, but man, it takes some convincing sometimes. We're not just talking a bad day here, this feels systemic.
Does anyone else have the same kind of experience? What is it all about, do you think?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
I recently wrote a blog on my dojo website that addresses your post. Please read it and I hope that it can be of some help and guidance for you.

Marc Abrams
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