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"Ups and Downs"
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Re: Cycles in training

Thank you, all. It has really helped to just "talk" it out and focus some thinking on this.
For some strange reason it does help to know that I am not alone in this "aiki ennui."
I suspect that it has something to do with goal orientation and the frustration that happens when things don't turn out exactly as you want. So, I suppose the lesson is to go with it and not get into some internal altercation about "not/getting better" or "not/doing the right thing," or having some defined end goal in mind. As a matter of fact, that is what usually trips me up in regular practice - I will focus on the throw and not the process, leaving uke completely out of the equation.
There are some techniques that I just love and that sit really well with me. I like to start off with that when I have these low points. But even those sometimes get stuck.
I look forward to reading the books you have recommended.
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