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Re: Principles of Aiki

Hi Dan,
Is there any hope for a person to figure it out themselves?... if they cannot get access to a teacher of this high caliber?

Are there any principles that you can outline in helping to build the budo body? Is self study to *build*, a realistic possibility?

These are only some of my thoughts:
I am thinking that the body is an adaptive feedback cycle. If you can load it in new ways that build; then it will adapt and strengthen. Here I have an eye on kaizen and the fact that every movement of the body either takes money out of the bank, or puts money in the bank. I think you are talking about ways of building the body *all* the time.

Does it have anything to do with PNF used to condition to build strength over flexibility? Did you ever hear of Dara Torres? Watch the 3rd video down >here<

Using the breath?
Does it have anything to do with a distant cousin to the valsalva maneuver? Except instead of closing the epiglottis, finding a way to use (and move!) the intraabdominal pressure to augment intention? (/hara)

Spiral Energy?
Can you say more about this aspect? Does it have to do with sequential inter-and-inner muscular activation strengthening around skeletal frame to not only reinforce ground-path but to send a shot of energy? I guess this is offensive energy...

As always thank you kindly.
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