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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?


I agree that it does not apply to the field of self defense. My comments were not meant as a criticism of Aikido, but as an observation about the inference that many that practice the art (or teach it) make with respect to self defense or tactics in general.

Here are some random examples I pulled off a google search on the "about aikido" section of the website. I did not reference the website however as it is not my point to point fingers.

Traditional Aikido is distingushed by:

The ability to effectively end conflicts without violence, but the strength to use controlled force if necessary.

another one:

Practitioners find from Aikido what they are looking for, whether it is applicable self-defense technique, spiritual enlightenment, physical health or peace of mind.

These are just two websites that I pulled from in random.

So, while it may be true that you and I understand that the field of SD requires a whole different toolbox, focus, methodology, and practice....are dojos really being honest with themselves or others?

I certainly don't want to impose judgement on the two dojos (or any) that I named above, because they may indeed COMPLETELY understand this issue and practice accordingly and appropriately.

However, I think macroscopically though, it has been my experience, and based on the THOUSANDS of post on this board and others, that the whole "self defense" thing is not clearly understood by both students and teachers.

So, you have to ask the question: Does the methodology you aer using REALLY support self defense? and are we really being honest and with ourselves when we develop our "training mission statements?"

Again, in this respect, I think the basketball analogy to be a very good one!

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