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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?

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A thought provoking analogy but it doesn't really apply to the field of self defence. A game of basketball is not an unexpected life-threatening event. That is the core problem with discussing the effectiveness of any martial art - it is rare (thankfully) that we have to put it to the test. Sparring and grappling - all that "live" training stuff - might be useful but who was it said "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."

I don't train for self defence so it's not an issue for me. But if you were serious about SD, you need a bigger toolbox than Aikido provides. A serious fighter should be very fit and have some experience in a more physical throwing art (Judo or Jiujitsu) and a striking art (boxing or Karate). Aikido can add a lot to that but I don't believe that those who know only Aikido really have much hope in SD.
May be the analogy did provoke too much thoughts. What you say is somewhat true but I think you missed his point.

What I understood in what kev said was
if you aim is to compete in judo , you need to train and practice in a relevant manner to what you want to achieve. That is fighting 1v1 with even and non changeable starting condition.

If your aim is to preserve a martial tradition as it was in 17th century Siam. You need to train and practice in a manner that is relevant to preserving the way of teaching and the technique in the 17th century warfare and the Siamese empire

If your aim is SD w you need to practice and train in a manner that is relevant to SD in the 21st century England.

It is not a matter of grappling vs striking, the str33t vs sport, it is a matter of understanding what you want to achieve and what method you need to achieve it.

If you do aikido for self defence you will have atemi that means it and you will put koshy in any wasa.
You will deal with weapons and multiple attackers.
The way you train and apply wasa and randori will reflect that.
And at least you will have take down/clinch separation defence and you will add some judo/JJ/BJJ based ground techniques adapted for MMA ground striking.

basically i thinbk his idea is more about what you want to achieve with a given MA than it is about the effectiveness of the said martial arts

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