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Re: Cycles in training

Eva Röben wrote: View Post
So am I getting WORSE because I do so blatantly WRONG movements, or am I getting better because I start seeing how wrong they are?
Hi Eva,

No, you're not getting worse - if the movement is incorrect in some way, it's incorrect - but your knowledge has increased so that you realise it's incorrect, hence you are actually improving

Tiger Woods doesn't screw up his next swing if the previous one was shocking - he lets it go and starts over, each swing is a new swing. If your last effort at, for example tenchi-nage, went horribly wrong, pick ONE thing you notice you could have done better and concentrate on that ONE thing during your next attempt, retaining a positive frame of mind eg "I am keeping my arms extended" instead of "OMG I must not let my arms collapse again I look like such a dork"

Depending upon your level, this ONE thing can be very simple, such as "I will step forward with my right foot first" or more complex such as "I will feel the spiral movement within this technique"

Once I began to accentuate the positive, the Aikido Depressions went away and have not returned

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