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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Lazy, or they are taught by instructors that don't know better, or are lazy, or have motives that are less than genuine.

It is all about methodology and endstate. In sports it is usually pretty clear. The basketball example is a good one.

Many martial artist, usually the so-called "budo" crowd will say that they are "basketball players" (martial artist), but in reality they are "dribblers". that is, they are not practicing with the endstate in mind to play basketball, but to perfect the art of dribbling!

Hence they will practice dribbling over and over and over using different techniques, kata, and methods to perfect the art of dribbling a ball. Occasionally they will take a shot at the goal. NEVER will they get on the court with another opponent in a game!

But will talk about how well their "art of dribbling" would do in reality if they were to actually play a game!

It is funny how we adopt languaging in martial arts, it certainly is foriegn to all other practices/sports!

You'd never hear a basketball player ask "how well do you think basketball-do prepares you to play a game of basketball?"

Of course our endstates are a little less definitive, when you are talking concepts such as "self defense", and "perfecting the art of peace", and "learning to be martially effective".

I think most of us that start martial training have no real idea why we do what we do when we start and we certainly have no idea how to measure effectiveness!

It certainly leaves alot of doors open for a wide berth of interpretation about the subject that is for sure!
There is truth in that

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