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Re: Cycles in training

Hi all,

oh, how I know these cycles! Only I'm not so sure if it is really "getting worse" or "getting to a better understanding of your deficiencies", which actually would mean that you get better.

I've often heard people saying that the more you advance the more you understand what is still missing, and apparently this understanding comes not smoothly but always package by package, so your physical progress and your observation are not always synchronised.

When I started aikido I was, after some weeks, really convinced that I mastered some techniques like kote gaeshi, kaiten nage or all sorts of sankyo really well. I did not even know the notion of distance, the importance of footwork, of "the center", of keeping your muscles relaxed etc. etc., so this ignorance protected me from being negative (realistic) about the pitiable aikido performance I must have had at that time.

Now, after three years of training there are many many more things I observe, and I suppose, a lot more other things I even cannot suspect that they are there but that I will maybe discover some day. So among the issues I am able to observe there are lots of errors I now see I commit, and many more errors I see that others commit, but that I can see in my own practice only if someone mirrors the errors in my movements. The more errors I see the more I can try to correct, but obviously that needs time and patience, and in meantime I learn to observe new errors. Something like Sisyphus' task

Last Saturday I dislocated my knee during yokomen uchi irimi nage; as tori. That also was due to two errors: 1) doing tai sabaki with straight legs 2) having the wrong distance to uke and trying to pull him with force towards me => straight knee gets bound backwards + torsion = snapping out.

So am I getting WORSE because I do so blatantly WRONG movements, or am I getting better because I start seeing how wrong they are?

I suppose it's more or less the same for you also, and for most aikidoka, and I suppose it'll go on during all our training time...

Have a nice day!

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