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Re: Teaching Methodology

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I think that the Ki Society trains the way you suggest, except that they present that training alongside training in technique, as opposed to doing so before training in technique.

Wouldn't your sort of training (that is, without techniques) be boring to a new student? Doesn't your sort of training require a new student to have great faith that what he/she will practice for the first few years will pay off in the long run?


Having been following Endo sensei for the past few years, and doing my best to practice his way (do), I've found that his "ki" exercises are actually very fun for beginners. As long as you don't take them too seriously with regards to them "working" every time, they can be an interesting ice breaker for a new person coming into class. Once more, because they really do work, I have some very small students that can withstand a lot of force being applied on them. This is fun for them and it tends to really amaze the new folks. I'm not saying they can hold off any sort of physical attack, and certainly not indefinitely, but as George sensei says, these exercises teach new folks the idea that they should relax, stay calm, and feel the force being placed upon them....then respond appropriately. Of course, the "appropriate" response just happens to be the kihon waza we are working on that night.

Which brings me to my next point. What many of Endo sensei's exercises focus on is kihon waza. To me, I sometimes think he's trying to take the waza out of the exercise to "hide" it from us. Then he proves you can use your body effectively this way or that way. Once you get that feeling of confidence, he'll apply kihon technique to it and challenge you to apply the feeling you had before.

Of course, as Endo sensei has said directly, if your partner focuses all their intent on holding or resisting you, they are easily "disturbed" by distractions or other movements of your body. What you get from him, however, is the feeling that he's using absolutely NO muscle to work through your strength. And I'm not talking about him moving before you grab him. He'll let you grab and hold him firmly...just to make his point. Then, he somehow "attaches" himself to your balance and begins to unsettle you. It's a very strange feeling...and one that will keep you coming back for more. ; )

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