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Evan Schmitt
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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?


I'm brand new to this site and this is the first thread I have participated in, but I am very curious about something. There seems to be ALOT of questions similar to this, and people are very concerned and very divided about what is and is not effective. I've seen other, non-Aikido oriented sites that just hammer Aikido as completely useless and than I see Aikidoka fire back, and then what generally comes about is a number of different scenarios and how they should be handled, and which is better for what ect, ect...

My question, for anyone who knows the answer, is what is the true origin of this controversy? When did it start? Is there some historical context for why this is talked about so much or have there just been sooo many individuallly bad experiences from people who have tried Aikido that this debate has come about on it's own accord?

The second part of my question (sorry for the long post), is really just a commentary. I am a sports fanatic and have played basketball, baseball, soccer whole life. Now I'm not saying that Aikido or Martial arts are the same thing as "sport" but for every other physical activitity that we learn, it is just understood that there is an ongoing process. If you play basketball, you know that first you have to learn how to dribble, then you have to learn how to dribble with both hands, then you have to learn how to shoot a jumpshot, a ly-up ect. ect. And even once you get all of these basics down, you are no where near being able to step onto the court in a pick up game and be at all effective until you play in 100's of pick up games. Why do we treat Martial Arts (at least the physical componants of it) so differntly? There seems to be such a need to walk into a studio and in three months time we expect to "handle our selves in a street sitsuation". I just don't see how that is possible, no matter what the martial art is. Why is this the litness test for effectiveness?

I promise that will be the last time Iu write a post that long. Apologies.

Evan Schmitt
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