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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Giving Advice

I have been trying to think just how to express what happens when I train with my seniors at the Doshinkan. I am especially thinking of two 4th dans.

It's not so much that they SAY anything. They are very powerfull physically, but I don't feel a lot of physical power from them. When I train well with them, I as uke try to match them (posture, intent, focus) as exactly as possible. To connect and really feel what it is they are doing beyond the gross movements of the waza.

Then when I am shite, I try to produce that same feeling in them, matching their frame, their intent, everything that I can. It's pretty intense when it works well...the feeling is one of fitting in very closely. They may occationally give a tip here or there, matched with physical demonstration very slowly. I may occationally ask a question about something I can feel I am not reproducing as shite that I felt as uke. But there is really very little talking involved.

To me, it feels like it is all about matching, focus, fitting together, mususbi. As much as I sometimes like resistance training, this training has no resistence per se; if I try to do something that doesn't work, I don't feel like someone is resisting...just that I am not moving in the correct direction in the correct way.

I really like this way of training. In my experience, very few people allow this kind of extremely close connection (as shite or uke). For me, there is no better way to give advice.


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