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Re: Teaching Methodology

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All of this is what "aiki" is about. There has been discussion on the forums that Aikido translated as "The Way of Harmony" is perhaps not the best translation. While I think that description is a good characterization of what the art is intended to be, it is a bad translation in terms of actually describing what the practitioner does. "joining" is a far better term for describing what we are trying to do in Aikido. We join psychically, we join physically. We establish "ittai-ka: or "single body" in which there is no separation between the two partners. We remove the mind of contention so that there is no conflict of intentions between the partners.
I think a better term is "work together". Tori and uke work together to practice Aikido. The mind and body work together to move in harmony. The the various muscles, tendons and skeletal systems work together to balance the body against gravity for harmonious movement.

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