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Re: Bushido vs Budo

In America, bushido tends to lead to the chivalry of the ronin samurai because here, there really is no one for a person to serve with his life. The only exception I can think of right now is the Secret Service agents who would take a bullet for the president. Sure, I've served managers and company owners, but I would never put myself in a state of hardcore self-sacrifice for them. I believe many of the attributes surrounding bushido embody the characters of some people in the U.S. However, there are many, many more people in this country who aren't bad people per se, but they are only in it for number one (themselves).

Budo is, I suppose by direct translation, the martial path. I remember growing up with my friend who did karate. He is one of the gentlest guys I've known. He had rubber nunchaku and a green belt, I believe. We were ~11 at the time. After watching MC Hammer and his parachute pants on MTV, I distinctly remember (flashbulb memory) asking him if he "could [kick someone's butt]." His response was insane to me at the time. He said, "[I'm not supposed to actually use karate]." I was caught between the absurdity and beauty of what he said. It struck some neurological connection in my head and made perfect sense. Why I didn't take up karate that week is beyond me.

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