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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Principles of Aiki

Hi George,

I think I understand what you are saying, but the thing that puzzles me is that I first mentioned this in connection with my seminar exposure to Abe Sensei, at the invitation of Shaun Ravens. Fred Little was there with me, and it was his suggestion to move the shoulder blades together during kokyu ho. I also mentioned that in relation to some other teachers as well, I believe.

Gerno H. also mentioned this in relation to Abe Sensei. I've seen mention of it by other aikidoka as well.

So...with all of the aikidoka that have given me this input, and me reporting that in my blog and postings, and aikidoka confirming that practice online....I am puzzled to hear statements like "I haven't heard this in relation to aikido" from long time aikidoka.

Perhaps you are correct, it just takes time to sink in. I can tell you that physically, it is taking a LONG time for it to sink in with me.


Ron Tisdale
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