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Re: Principles of Aiki

1 exercise that we do in qi gong is to tuck our perineum upwards and thereby bringing forward the tailbone a bit. But I find this comfortable to only if you slight bend the knees. It just doesn't mesh with our typical aikido stance. As I feel most of my weight not is lying on the back feet.

But doing it another way is to imagine a string pulling our spine upwards from the head up. It gently aligns the spine and makes me lighter on my feet.

As for the connectivity to the spine, although I'm doing some body work now to correct my back injury, and the exercises do shed some light on Mike's fascia work, they are pretty hard to do. I prefer just imagining the connectivity, that way when I turn my hand is felt to be more connected to the spine as opposed to be an extended limb. It ties in with taking the slack out.

I wonder if this is in anyway relevant?

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