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Re: Henkawaza

Just now while doing some poking around for info on Kanren Waza, I found this Yoshinkan clip:

I don't study Yoshinkan, but I would describe what they are doing as Kihon waza, and then a Kihon Kaeshiwaza. But clearly if you study Yoshinkan (at least at the school of these video makers) this is Kihon Dosa to Kanren Waza. Aikido varies so much from teacher to teacher.

Corallini Sensei, was in Iwama, with Saito Sensei (Sr.) at around the same time as my teacher. I've never heard the term Kanren Waza before. To my teacher it was apparently not an important term, yet to Corallini Sensei, it is a keystone Waza.

Take, Yoshinkan, Aikikai, Iwama, Tomiki, and Ki society, just to name a few. Each of these schools are dramatically different in teaching, technique and terminology.

Much difference this Aikido has...