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No you are no necessarily wrong, it is just a matter of vocabulary and where one thinks ikkio stops and where ude or rokkio start.

For me ikkio is an arm lock that involve the arm and the shoulder in a double rotation, Ude a scissor action on the elbow.
Hence I see a change from ikkio to Ude.
Now if you see Ude as version of ikkio then no there is no change.

Sorry, maybe I didn't make my point clear. English is not my mother tongue after all

No, I mean ikkyo, not rokkyo or ude kime osae. As per my "current" understanding, there is the way you describe to apply ikkyo, rotating the elbow and shoulder joints (what I should call robuse, meaning "rowing") and then there is a way with the arm straight, similar to that of Daito Ryu's ippon dori. I would call both of these two different ways of performing ikkyo... well... ikkyo. Both of them solicit the arm in the same way after all, I guess.

Hope I made my point clear now