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Originally posted by ca
Alright, once again a stupid post deserving to be ignored has had so many incorrect replies I can't stand it anymore. To the 'unregistered' (sidebar to all of you, you are suppposed to at least use a different name, eg 'unregistered2' etc so we can tell you apart on a thread) who said she was female and then said most females are emotional based on physiology---sorry, you are wrong. WRONG. Don't make statements you can't back up. Feel free to quote any reputible publication.

People are individuals, and basing your expeience and opinion of them on their genitalia or the color of their skin is so inappropriate that I am amazed Jun would let something like this be raised on this forum.

I share your sentiments exactly and I think your wrath has touched upon a general problem with discussion forums.

I contribute to three and regularly look at a fourth. They differ in the degree to which they are regulated by their moderators.

My impression of Aikiweb is that it is open and basically self-regulating, in the sense that posts thought to contravene the unwritten rules and customs are ignored, or answered appropriately, as you have done. But I would disagree with the view that Jun Akiyama should not have allowed 'Unregistered' to post her comments, even if they are thought to be "stupid", for none of the ground rules of the forum have been broken.

The openness of Aikiweb will inevitably invite posts which are 'politically incorrect', whatever this term means, or not supported by evidence (which is a different issue, in my opinion). My own post was a response to the opinion expressed that a Sensei is the best person to deal with gender issues in a dojo. From my own experience, especially in Japan, I think that this is incorrect. It it sufficiently common in Japan to be a normal fact of life that decisions are made on the basis of genitalia and skin colour, as you put it. A concrete example of what this means is that there are no women aikidoka abve the level of 6th dan and only 4 regular foreign instructors listed in the entire Aikikai.

But I am sure you know all this, so I was surprised that you felt that Jun should not have allowed the posts. As I said, I agree with your sentiments, but this is a discussion forum and I wonder what expectations you have of Aikiweb.

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