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Re: Aikikai, Iwama Ryu, Tomiki Ryu, Yoshinkan

ok so is there also an Aiki-Sindar or Aiki-Quen? Because I'd far prefer the Elvish Styles myself. Uruk is just far to brutish for my sense of refinement I prefer something more subtle.
Okay, I have just envisioned the Battle of Gondor aikido-style... Aragorn Sensei in a hakama, applying kotegaeshi to the Witch-king of Angmar...

Gimli, an experienced nidan in a chain-mail gi, uses his low center of gravity to unbalance opponents and throw them with shihonage...

And in the background, the always-inspiring presence of Gandalf Shihan, who defeats his enemies with no-contact kokyunage from a distance of 100 yards...

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