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Re: Re: Re: Re: Realism In RANDORI

Originally posted by George S. Ledyard
Thanks so much. I don't disagree with anything you said so we are using different terms to describe much the same thing. Lately I have come to really appreciate the side of randori which is the pure art (as opposed to anything that is striving to me overtly martial). There is something really magical that can be created when you work with three really talented ukes. Different from doing mutiple attacker stuff in my Police Defensive tactics class.
Strangely enough I tend to view my randori as the ultimate expression of my Aikido - not as preparation for a fight.

At the moment I have decided to explore Judo - they basically took me and tossed me in with the wolves (yudansha). Unlike Aikido where there was a lot of kata before full blown randori was allowed here they do randori from the get go and introduce kata latter. Strange how much you don't know yet do know. Last night (my 11th time) the Rokkudan instructor walks up to me and says I will do my Shodan exam in two months. Shocked me - but the reason I mention it is that this, your post, and the thread on form and formless, got me to thinking a lot about the role of kata and randori. Most interesting is that both Judo senseis and one of my Aikido sensei's talked about me having good power. For those that know me I am not muscle bound by any means. The essential sameness of the two arts really is starting to come home to me.

PS. I've got less than two months to learn the required waza for the Shodan exam.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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