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Re: Aikikai, Iwama Ryu, Tomiki Ryu, Yoshinkan

in case you are not
aiki urukai comme from the Uruk Hai in LOTR.
It denotes an aikido partictioner whose moto could be:
make it work before making it flow

ok so is there also an Aiki-Sindar or Aiki-Quen? Because I'd far prefer the Elvish Styles myself. Uruk is just far to brutish for my sense of refinement I prefer something more subtle.

All these style names confuse this poor beginner. I believe I am told my Dojo does the Yoshinkan. My friend, I think, does Yoseikan.... I could not begin to tell you the difference. But if there is a resource to give understanding on this that does not require joining yet another message board please point me at it.

So far I am given to understand that each one who practices the art brings his own flavor to it and thus style. So I would suspect that as suggested simply visiting another Dojo might offer up some new ideas for you.
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