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Re: Ellis' post about cover-up and Ueshiba

1. How many judo books go into great detail about Tenjin Shin'yo-ryu and Kito-ryu, AND make a point how wonderful those jujutsu schools were and (better than judo???)
2. How many Japanese karate books go into detail about their Okinawan roots, and (how much better Okinawan Karate is?)
3. How many Taekwondo books break down how their forms are from Shotokan?
4. How many of you go into great detail about your first marriage when you are trying to hook up with someone new?
5. How many of you explain to the prospective owner of your new home that you have a little mold problem in the basement, but only during winter?
6. How many Iman talk about the Jewish and Christian roots in Islam? And how many rabbi's refer to the Babylonian myths of the Flood and the Garden of Eden? How many Christians note that the Old Testament description of the Messiah is someone who brings peace to earth - now - and by definition, then, any Messiah who hasn't created world peace cannot . . . ?
7. By the way, did you know that winking in enumerated as a sin in the Old Testament, although no one knows why?

Ellis Amdur

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