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Allen Beebe
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Re: Ellis' post about cover-up and Ueshiba

OK, just for kicks:

Mentions Daito Ryu in some form or another:
1956 Tomiki "Judo,Appendix:Aikido
1968 Shioda "Dynamic Aikido"
1978 Kisshomaru "Aikido"

Does NOT mention Daito Ryu in some form or another:
1960 Makiyama (Claude St. Denise) "The Power of Aikido"
1960 Tohei "Aikido, The Arts of Self Defense"
1962 Tohei "What is Aikido"
1966 Tohei "Aikido in Daily Life"
1970 Tegner "Bruce Tegner's Complete Book of Aikido and Holds & Locks"

I didn't look in Saito's Series or Singly Published Book.

I tried to stay in the 50's-60's (and failed twice) because from the 70's there are too many books for lazy old me to look through. For one Tohei went on a printing frenzy after his departure and his histories in these books are understandably skewed as were the Aikikai's from that moment on. BTW, Stan started mimeographing AikiNews in the 70's and the early editions make interesting "historical" reading. One of the reasons I respect Stan is because he wasn't afraid to publish stuff that contradicted earlier issues. He really appeared to be publishing "for the record" although it is important to keep in mind that even he "knows things" that he hasn't published.

Anyway, like I said, I just looked for "kicks."


~ Allen Beebe
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