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Re: Are People Really Training to Get Better?

I have a sempai who was quite skilled back in the day and who then stopped training for several years. He came back recently. In the interim, the dojo's skill level (at least with the top five or six yudansha) had undergone a major upgrade, what with most of the seniors traveling to Japan to train and so on. So now even his one time kohai had gotten better than the sempai. In training these days, sempai insists on doing his movement the way he did it nine or ten years ago. It's not working and we've done our best to explain to him why. In spite of many attempts to explain to him what's missing, he moves as if all he needs is better conditioning but he thinks his old movement is still enough to make the grade.

Does he really want to get better? I don't think so. I think he misses the feeling of competence and skill and wants them back, but is unwilling to make the changes to his movement that would make that feeling an authentic one.
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