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Re: Are People Really Training to Get Better?

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post

So folks should take a look at what they want, ask themselves if they REALLY want it or are just pretending to themselves that they do. Then, if they do really want something, they need to ask if they are doing anything about it. Have they structured their lives or their training to achieve what they have told themselves they want. I think the answer to such an investigation would yield some surprising answers for many folks.

George, Great! I've had this conversation with many of my students. We must all be willing to change in each instant. It's frightening for most but the fear goes away if we can muster the courage to wade into the changingness and keep the good and let go of the other. It's a constant process of life. This is one of the most important lessons that teachers must pass on to their students in experience. It is often, though, very hard to do and continue to do. We must do it anyway. Shoshin... easy to say but difficult to BE a Shoshinsha.

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