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Maybe it's just me ...but

OK, i'm a newbie here and I'm starting my first Aikido class next week, just keep that in mind.

When researching Aikido while deciding on the MA I wanted to train in I noticed that there was a lot of talk about how Aikido is fake. So I looked some more, watched videos and read posts here.

I've come to a conclusion:

#1- It seems to me that people take the attacks used in traing too literally. For instance, a chop, nobody trys a judo chop in a real fight. This may be true but I'll argue that many other attacks have a similar motion: hitting with a bar,beer bottle, hammer...ect. IMO, the techs are meant to be adapted therefore in training for an attack like a chop you are training for any attack with that same basic motion.

#2- It seems to me that while in most of the videos I've watched the attacker is going with the throw. However, I don't think it is because the move does not work and they want to make it look like it does. To me it looks like the speed and power that can be applied along with the torque on the joints could mean serious injury if you attempt to resist too much. It basically comes down to "I twist this joint, you go with it or it gets busted".

I've decided that I want to train in Aikido and am totally mesmorized by Christian Tessier's skill and amd convinced that anyone who is half as good as he is can probably defend themselves quite well.

I thought, I'd post this just because there seems to be some pretty bad misconceptions about Aikido that seems to be from a lack of observation. If you watch the mechanics and physics of the demonstrations you can tell, should they go full bore, people would get hurt and people probably would fly throught the air.
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