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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The one thing I have, is many visitors coming here. These people; student and teachers alike have both felt and reported back that my senior people-are people with power and aiki. People who have trained here from 7, to fifteen years.
Yes, and some of them have talked to me.
The little you have written has been of the most basic type, and while it has helped awareness of the topic for many beginners, it was of no good use at all to certain of us who saw it for what it was.
That seems to go against some of your students who say most of your insights have been in very recent years, but regardless, let's just say all the posts you've made about what you can do and how long you've done things are in question.... does that move the debate forward? No. Neither does the discussion about how much Ueshiba owed to Takeda. I'm all for people just making their case factually and getting away from the personality or the "here's what I can do" or "here's how many newbies I've impressed". That's part of why a lot of this stuff was lost in Aikido and other arts... people jumped too quickly in trying to create their own little fiefdoms. I have little use for it.

In terms of basic information, let's see a little bit from you in a few posts. Put it in writing. It might help you and others if you have to articulate things. Cady once said something about how she would handle me by "reaching through" me, or something of similar wording. I tried to ask her later to articulate it better, but she never responded. She doesn't "reach through" me if she's trying to affect my forces.... what is she really doing to someone? In other words, I encourage people to try and more clearly articulate what is really happening because they need to understand the mechanics before they can move onto other stuff. If you're stuck with a "feel this" and "feel that" level, then you're going to miss out on a lot of stuff. Hence my encouragement that people voice things more clearly.
The reason you don't see the things about Ueshiba mistakenly attribute it to a focus on Ukemi is that you do not know the subject. Its not even a discussion about that. Its a discussionabout from whence it came and what differentiated it from what and why. I would expect you to remain neutral about it, since its not a topic you can engage in.
Thank you for your teaching, O Dan.