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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

It's interesting to see your dynamic. In your posts, you accuse someone of X behavior and then display that behavior in the body of the post. Here relating to ego. Where does insulting me-an occasional pastime of yours- have anything to do with this thread? You are a very peculiar man.
I'd be happy to acknowledge you as a source had you written or offered anything that affected my training in anyway. Research is a good thing so I don't shy away from it.
The one thing I have, is many visitors coming here. These people; student and teachers alike have both felt and reported back that my senior people-are people with power and aiki. People who have trained here from 7, to fifteen years. It's all rather transparent. I could go check with them to see if they had ever heard of you back then, but I happen to know it would be a waste of time-since I was the one who taught them and not one of us had ever heard of you. You meant nothing to me or them during all those years of training, you mean nothing to them or me now.

Get over yourself, Mike. The little you have written has been of the most basic type, and while it has helped awareness of the topic for many beginners, it was of no good use at all to certain of us who saw it for what it was.

The reason you don't see the things about Ueshiba mistakenly attribute it to a focus on Ukemi is that you do not know the subject. Its not even a discussion about that. Its a discussionabout from whence it came and what differentiated it from what and why. I would expect you to remain neutral about it, since its not a topic you can engage in.