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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Sorry that I have not satisfied you when I have refused to answer your questions about how to's and what I know during your many fishing expeditions for information.
Dan, why don't you get off the ego trip? I've put plenty of information on the internet over the years and you've obviously researched it and benefitted from it, based on your own posts about things I've written (I've never even bothered to Google anything you've written in the past).

I think we've gotten past the phase where you can rationalize that what you know is from any koryu to the extent that you *must* keep it secret, as you've tried to indicate in the past. If you want to honestly share things, start putting more information and less self-hype on various forums. About the only thing I'm interested in hearing from you is *how* you attempt to describe things, not *what* you know. The question of *how* people describe these things has been a question I've asked people for decades... long before you came on the scene.

Incidentally, Inaba's description is pretty good. The question is why there are such diverse methods of describing these things, particularly in Japan. Ueshiba's descriptions I discussed in posts before, and noted the contrast with how Tohei *can* describe things. Inaba was pretty clear and Kuroda's description is classical "heaven-earth-man" but in a western science mode. On this forum I've left quite a number of posts with lengthy descriptions and diagrams. So far I haven't seen any information from you that puts you in a league where I would be "fishing" for anything you know. Besides, you were the one trying to access the QiJin forum posts, not me trying to find out anything from you. If you want to get on QiJin legitimately you need to give some indication that you know enough broad-spectrum information to be there. So far, as I've said in the past, all I see is that you have some knowledge about jin skills.

In terms of the descriptions by Ueshiba and the focus on Ukemi as being a definitive point in Ueshiba's training, I've never yet been convinced. Ueshiba was so cryptic in things he said that although I can see a general indication of traditional Chinese-like discussion, I've personally never seen anything that made me sure that his meaning about ukemi was what some people attibute to him. Maybe, maybe not. I'm in neutral about it.


Mike Sigman