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Keith Larman
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Re: Using less force on a smaller person w/o being patronizing

Forgot one thing -- the palm on the fingers thing in addition to the conventional hold is one of those things I think you should hold in reserve and not rely on. If you have them completely you can do what you want as long as you can keep that connection hence control. The habit of the extra "umph" on the fingers in sankyo goes more to pain compliance rather than a physical manipulation of their structure. If I'm angry and attacking, pain just makes me more angry. I'll fight through it and try to shove my elbow through your head -- I've been in conflicts before. I know I can fight through pain. But if you have my center, you have control of me. Twist my fingers and Mongo wants to crush you all the more...

Honestly I think sankyo is one of those techniques that doesn't require pain. Like most of these things it is more about controlling their center through their structure. Lock up their structure while maintaining your center and taking over theirs and you can do as you please. But... Easy to say, hard to do...

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