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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Hi Mike,
I already so totally regret writing this, but I will post it..

about "negating true efforts".
Mike -- you see me trying. And twisting in the wind. And you will not offer. I do not know Dan, but even animals can sense kindness. In words, in action and intent.
Men just trying their best. And sometimes it isn't good enough. But the works stand on their own and will be measured, tried and tested.

Quote: order to see what you really know/understand.
We all do that. At some point young Mike Sigman did the same. Now you are one of our Seniors, and one of the best here on these pages. You owe no man anything. None of use owe anyone anything. Life is short. Do we give of ourselves? Or take? Either way. There is no third choice. Yes I am asking, knowing well what the answer likely is. Hoping for a change of heart.

Reputation, Ego, Knowledge. Baggage. We *are* what we *are* and we stand alone. The true value is not in the knowledge but in how we choose to wield it. You know all this.

What I have done in the past three or four times is post a good general definition of "Aiki" from Inaba Minoru
Aye, but they are not your words. You agree with them, but you go no further. It is a good quote, and an instructive one, to be sure. But isn't there so much more that can be said...?

Why not just take the clue that the repeated diminishment of Ueshiba and the selling of Takeda is unnecessary, particularly in light of the regularity you and your followers bring it up?
I think the questions of origins are important to indicate that O Sensei did not have sole exclusive rights to this, nor are they necessarily inextricably intertwined with the philosophy.

Why not just make technical points based on your own understanding ..
That would be wonderful if everyone did that. But spidey-sense says that ain't going to happen. No matter how much we each, individually want it to. People, in general, are reluctant to give away perceived power. I do not think it is a case of pearls before swine so much as identification with a role, and the utter paucity of the printed word in conveying meaning. It is hard. And likely to fail. But is the ‘hand up' you spoke of worth trying? It is hard to say. You already know what I think. And hope.

And of course, don't feel that I am in any way suggesting that you or your followers quit talking about you yourself; that is, of course, up to you guys.
Mike, this is a function of the kindness mentioned earlier. It is not too much more than that, as far as I can tell.

I am sorry that this is completely off topic of the thread.

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