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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Mark Murray wrote:

W That aikido people weren't interested in it is quite understandable, really. Have you ever seen a DR demo in Japan? They don't demo the "aiki" stuff - they mostly do a rather stiff, mannered, often lumpish jujutsu. From what is presented publicly, there has been little to tempt an aikidoka - because the DR people have been covering up their own stuff! They weren't showing anything interesting. If they had, I would have joined in a heartbeat. I didn't know it existed - not from what they were presenting.

E. Amdur
I wasn't in Japan in The 1970's (I was busy being born ). However, there is ample filmed and photographed footage of Horikawa performing Aiki techniques in schools, community centers etc all around Hokkaido throughout the late 60's/70's. He even appeared on TV!

Dunno what the situation in Tokyo was then, but DR in Hokkaido has been sorely overlooked IMHO.