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Re: Qi & Ki, To-mate-toe & To-mah-toe

I think your response would probably be more accurate in limiting your synonyms to your understanding and research on the chinese term "Qi" and not the application of "Ki" (Japanese) to Aikido.

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
I made an encyclopedia of ki synonyms.
"Be specific, Bob" (Office Space). You made a list of words that mean the same as "Lifeforce", one of the many translations for the kanji "Qi". You left out the many other things can mean. Especially in its application to Aikido. This is a very limited spectrum of an Asian concept (with pletheral meanings) and is based on the assumption that "Lifeforce" is the correct translation and application in Aikido.

Truly, "Lifeforce" is ONE translation and application of the kanji, just as "Ai" can be translated as "Love" or "Harmony." But can also mean; balance, unity, to become one with, appropriate fitting/meeting... Do you see what I mean?

AND, these 2 kanji take on a whole new meaning when paired together. Aiki has many applications in the japanese martial world, not just in Aikido. It can mean 2 swords striking together at the same time and one gives way to the other using that energy to drive the counterattack.

Kinetic Momentum is an another application (again, just ONE) of the same kanji that I think it is more appropriate. I think this is a more practicle and less mystical translation, in a scientific/non-religious application of the kanji in Aikido. You don't have to summon special powers to make Aikido work. You do have to understand; energy, force, inertia, momentum, trajectory, center of gravity, balance, etc, to make Aikido work. If not, then I guess Aikido IS a religion. (just joking)

A point of history that might be interesting is that Aikido was founded @ circa 1942. Post war Japan was very limited to Martial Arts practice and most ryu were banned, dissolved, or they retreated into secret practice. So what do you do to keep your martial art (distilled from ancient Daitoryu) from being banned?
""Oh, this? Uh, it's "The Way of Peace and Harmony" let us demonstrate."" ""Well, that doesn't sound too threatening, does it? It can't be too dangerous with a name like that, you may continue your practice, if you show us how to do it.""

I think it is a two-edged sword that served an appropriate purpose in a specific time.

Of course, your application suits your purpose just as much as my view serves mine. It's relative to the beholder, I just wanted to make the distinction and clarification. 5 blind men and the elephant, I guess.

Wow, I just read my post up above and I guess I was a little redundant, uh? Sorry gang.

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