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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Well, I dunno. Given the number of "Ueshiba had nothing because he got it all from Takeda" posts I've seen some people focus on, the "I don't know where this came from" argument seems a bit disingenuous.
"Ueshiba had nothing?" This is nonsense and never happened here that I have seen. You are confusing the questions:
1. It has only ever been a debate of where he got it and how he did it.
2. Not if he had it.

As for Ueshiba and accuracy
Mike. You-are at the top of the list for continually trying to first claim he got it from some mysterious common knowldge in Asian arts idea, then morhing to Koryu and amalgum of his supposed training idea, then later agreed to the possibility he "added" things on top of his DR training to explain his power. You did it over and over. All without knowing anything about what you were talking about by way of DR and what that might have produced IN HIM in the first place. At one point going so fare as stating there MUST have been more, and looking for Chinese and Omoto influenced solo training. Back then the level of discourse reminded me of BKF and his comment that "Ueshiba must have studied bagua in China" theories because he saw something in his moves-he- recognized.
Of course it was tough for you to talk about what might have been added when you didn't know what was there to begin with, even to denying / challenging that there was anything substantive regarding internals in DR to even have gotten! All of which you later apologized for (including several other apologies for not including Koryu) in these very pages.
No harm no foul, I applaud the honesty and the research mentalitiy behind it, but at the end of the day, none of this has been any surprise to me and a few others. I have been advocating for it from the beginning. All cited in several hundred posts.
You might choose to say others are downplaying Ueshiba's power, but it doesnlt hold up. I think you are making too strong a statement. And to aim it at Mark is a bit much.
If you really want to go there...Mark has produced quite a bit of Aikido video links showing where Ueshiba's power was being demonstrated and placing it here for discussion-Far more than any one single person I have ever seen. All with the intention to prove Ueshiba's power and forward the discussions it seems you were once so intent on having in the first place. He also contributed to the discussion of Ueshiba taking Ukemi as Nage in a way you have not.

On review, I think you are the only one (or one of the few) to have placed DR videos on aikiweb to discuss them.

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