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Using less force on a smaller person w/o being patronizing

I've been training in Yoseikan budo for 4 months, and this is a bit of an awkward issue for me.

There is woman in the class, ~5 ft tall, and 100 (more or less?) pounds - very light. She has just started training.

My issue - here, and in general - is using just the right amount of force. Specifically, I wonder if I'm using too little force - to the point where she feels insulted. I don't want to use too much force, either, and seem inconsiderate.

Rationally, this seems to me like something that comes with experience (knowing how much force to use with a given partner). I still worry about it though, because I don't want her to feel like I'm judging her strength due to gender (if I am using too little force).

I've always been a bit awkward in social situations, and I can't think of a way of simply asking her about it that doesn't itself seem sexist.

I'm not particularly strong myself, and am 5'11", 145 lbs.

Any suggestions, or polite ways to ask her?

Thank you.
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