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I did notice that you had an overall positive tone, and I commend you for it. I also noticed that you had to toss in your observations of the the knock-out blonde 18 year old who made grappling more fun, and the unpleasant interaction with the two Army women (who I assume were not as fun to grapple with as the 18 year old).

Who would feel comfortable with a post that read: I wouldn't say training with Blacks is so bad, I remember a tae kwan do class I had a few years ago, there was this Black guy, a lot of fun to pin...but then I had a small unit tactics class, had the first two Blacks ever admitted to this class in it, and they just didn't fit in, complained, refused to do what they were supposed to....

I know that Dave is not someone who would, nor are most of those (Thank God) who do Aikido, or post here. Just one more thing for me to be grateful for on this Independence Day... so Happy 4th to you all, I have to go start the BBQ now or the lobster is going to be raw for dinner....
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