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Originally posted by ca

And to the fellow who had to wait while the women hogged the showers, I have spent 18 years of my life expeiencing the same thing---but with the men hogging the time. I had to wait in surgery while the guys used the changing room, first and longest. I've had 10 minutes in the shower tent while deployed, while the guys had 23 hours and 50 minutes. Usually it was at 'useful' times like 0300, or 1130. Almost always, it was after a popular men's time, so there would be only cold water left. I have been places where I am the second most senior officer on a base, and the one male above and four males below me have private tents, while I as a female share mine with 12 other females, a ratio seen only in the lowest enlisted ranks among the men deployed.

Sometimes in life, bad things happen. Unfair things happen. Grow up and get on with it, and don't try to pigeon hole people into a group so you can blame their whole section of the population.
Er... Colleen;
I believe that ifyou read my entire post, you would find my argument was yours: that each person is an individual; not a gender stereotype. I find it interesting that you chose to respond only to the negative example in my post.
As to your advice to bad things happening, from reading your post, I could advise you to do the same.
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