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Re: My shodan exam on YouTube

This looks like an extensive exam. Congratulations on passing. It takes a lot of guts to offer this for the whole world to see.

I watched your sempai as well as your movements and I would like to offer contructive suggestions for your improvement.

The "swinging arms" between techniques tells me that you disconnect your appendiges when you are not engaged in a technique. This can seriously reduce your response time for the next attack and may cause late timing and distance problems (proper fitting). Keep your arms/hands engaged (full of Ki) and in front of you in readiness as soon as you complete a technique, as your sempai demonstrated, and it will make for better timing on the next attack. This is "Zanshin" and is essential for the serious budoka. I believe you are very close to making use of this concept in your techniques, so keep practicing.

I also noticed that at various times you had a very wide stance during some of your throws. This commits you to the position you are in and will limit your ability to move/change directions efficiently (especially during multiple attack situations). It can also destabilize you in the execution of said throw. For the most part you had very nice posture, but I noticed sometimes you bent at the waist too much during execution of some throws. Again, this will fix itself with more practice.

You looked very good for a new shodan in an examination. You kept your wits about you and did not seem to get frustrated during difficult situations. I could tell you had spent time in preparation for the exam and came there to show it. Thanks for having the guts to share it with us. Congratulations. Enjoy the rest of your journey,

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