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Re: does Aikido work in the street?

Ruairidh Percival wrote: View Post
the thing is i cant seem to get into the mental state of mind to use aikido in a fightim only a yelow belt but i can block things i just cant remember to use it when a punch is coming.

can you help me?
From what I read you seem to be bothered about being hit.
You can be decked by one kick, elbow knee or punch if it land at the right place and you have not seen it coming but by far it does not happen on every punches.
I think you just need to get use to punching and get punched.

Take up boxing/MT/KB on top of aikido, or do boxing exercise with a friend.
You can use good old Mendoza with a heavy bag and head gear.
It is quite old but will serve the purpose. (

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