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Re: Knees & Shoulder Pain

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have any of you been "rolfed"?
I have not; but I believe a major purpose of that bodywork is to correct postural distortions. In my opinion, best is to learn how to do it to yourself, by yourself. Being critical.
ELDOA type stretches, such as that in Ming`s book outline how to do this, in my opinion. For a sample of this kind of work: Go Here
The stretches are really exercises if you`re doing them right. Deceptively simple, they are tricky and take a while before the correct feeling you are searching for is identifiable. At the beginning, if they suck, good chance you`re doing it right. I suggest you give it 2 weeks. When you get the feeling, you can extrapolate and ... make your own that are relevant to your own body. Know that there is a philosophy and rationale (i.e. method) to the madness, grounded in kinesiology,

I learned a lot with this kind of work and it helped me immensely. But it is hard and you will want to quit. That much is certain. I definitely wanted to. If you try it let me know how it goes.
Hope things get better.
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