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Re: Master/slave relationship and Instructor with ego

You went to that dojo to train. It is not like the dojocho or some sempai obducted you from the street and forced you to train there.

If you dont like it there, then leave. Go find a place where you do like it.

As for cleaning and fair shares etc.
Sometimes I am the most senior student at our dojo before classes start. My fair share is the burden of getting everything ready in time so our teacher can start the class in time. This means I have to delegate tasks cause I cannt do it all alone. The tasks of getting the dojo ready are only done when they are done, not when someone thinks he has done enough. Most students know this and just do the things till it all is ready. Unfortunatly once in a while someone enters our dojo who thinks they pay and are hence entitled to training time but cleaning etc they will only do under great protest (usualy the fair share argument is used). These persons are an absolute pain, I have to check if they have done what they are asked to do, I have to check if any chores were missed etc. cause they dont participate in getting the dojo ready, they only do their fair share, hence not seeing and learning whether the dojo is ready or not.
Anything forgotten I have to do, anything forgotten I will be held accountable for.
You dont do what you are asked to do, well that sucks cause by doing so you make the job of others worse.

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