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Re: Master/slave relationship and Instructor with ego

There have been many times myself that I have dusted, taken out and beat the rugs, swept the entrance way and upon finishing, I happily grab a wet rag and do runs up and down the dojo mat. It isn't like you have one chore and then you are done. You all do what you can to get the dojo clean and looking nice. If you are quicker, then so be it. Yes, some of the senior students do less. Sometimes they do nothing at all. Part of this is a priveledge that has been earned over the years. Believe me, they have probably done their fair share of work over their many years of training. OR, they may just have someplace to go. My husband and I have to skip out on chores sometimes in order to get home for him to go to work on time.

Take it has part of your training. You are learning several things: respect, responsibility, comradery, humility, pride and if you are running rags over the mat... that is also one hell of a work out.

Good luck.
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