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Re: Master/slave relationship and Instructor with ego

Dear Mr Sad,

Kohai help the sempai with cleaning, Sempai help kohai with training - cleaning is training a symbiotic relationship.

You are silly to think about it in terms of "my fair share", from the moment you enter that Dojo, you should be ready and willing to accept the training. Whatever form it manifests as.

There is no such thing as "my fair share", the cleaning duties are misogi - purification not only of the environment but of the self. You should be grateful and clean harder.

You are not learning subservience you are entering into what sounds like fairly austere training. If sempai is jumping on you and not other people in the Dojo then perhaps you are not fully engaged in what you are doing.

Be grateful for the opportunity to purify yourself. Perhaps you will never succeed to be a great Martial artist - but could become a cleaning God among men.

Change your attitude and your heart will begin to melt. The only thing you are a slave to is your own emotions.

Dont find another Dojo that one is just fine, you are already learning and you have (had) only been there a month !!!!!

To forge steel into a sharp cutting weapon - you have to use a big hammer and coals as hot as the sun.

Love and peace - good luck
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